About us


Wichłacz Bistro-Bar’s kitchen is a place, where we like to impress and surprise you – not only with a good flavor, but also with unusual combinations. Our dishes are not typical, even though there are many traditional positions, we serve them in unique way – boredom is definitely not what we stand for!

Our menu, even though is short, it is thoughtfully presented – everyone will find something they like. Proponents of more sophisticated dishes will cherish beef tenderloin, while enthusiasts of more traditional cuisine will probably go for our traditional dish: Fish&Chips, Caesar salad. Our offer is customized for people who search for nutritious meal during a work break, as well as for the kids and of course for vegans and vegetarians.

Our cuisine is modern, but traditional at the same time. Having fun with flavors and exploring new possibilities give us a chance to create unconventional combinations.
We don’t like to be labeled – we wish that our Guests explore our dishes from the very beginning – each time they visit us and that they have a lot of fun while doing this.

We are open from dawn until late night hours!


In Wichłacz Bistro-Bar our main job is to change and support the drinking culture. We want to demonstrate to our Guests how many hidden secrets one good-prepared cocktail can have. We teach how to pair beverages with food in order to achieve the best flavor and of course how to enjoy oneself while doing that.

We offer wide range of carefully selected cocktails including our own original variations. Simple, balanced and very often seasonal mixtures, will guarantee memorable sensations. They are also a perfect lead-in into the world of cocktails. Moreover, we serve Amaro – a perfect drink which is an appetite booster. The herbal liqueurs recommended after the meal are also not missing in our menu. What complete our offer, is the wide range of wines, craft beers and lemonades.

Our team consist of experienced and passionate bartenders who will meet the expectations of our most demanding Guests with enthusiasm.

Our story


Wichłacz Bistro-Bar was founded in order to fulfill the ambitions and dreams. The owners of Wichłacz Bistro-Bar have been working for many years in gastronomy sector by building their prestige on philosophy of hospitality.
Even though their family restaurant is gaining more and more popularity each day, it is high time to face new challenges and to introduce completely different and modern culinary concept.

In Wichłacz Bistro-Bar we really care that every Guest makes himself at home. We consider the food as something superior to eating itself – we cherish the time together and appreciate every possibility to celebrate these moments with our relatives and friends.

The desire to establish a place in which we will be able to spread our passion for life, food and wine, inspired us to create Wichłacz Bistro-Bar. A place where bar is a heart of our restaurant and our Guests can choose their meals depending on the time of the day – from the early morning until the late night.

Our priority is to put a smile on every Guest’s face. We believe that the high quality of each product is necessary to achieve that.
We want you to understand that the last name – which is also a logo of our restaurants – is an equivalent of good experience and professionalism. This is why we offer the best alcohols, simple but at the same time unique and meticulously written menu and a place with soul and outstanding interior decor – we do all of this so our Guests can enjoy the moment and relax!

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Towarowa 14,
78-100 Kołobrzeg
+48 882 022 710

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Perłowa 2,
78-100 Kołobrzeg
+48 94 352 84 74